Hey, I’m René.
I create digital experiences for cutting-edge & disruptive technologies.

About me

Hi, I’m René Spanier and I’m a UI/UX Designer. I work with companies that pursue big ideas and evolutionary disruptive technologies. Helping them to hone their communication with their target group by providing a user-centered and appealing design.

In the course of my studies of Information Design (finished in 2019 at the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum, Graz) as well as working as a freelance designer I have gained considerable experience in the fields of User Experience and User Interface Design.

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Besides being a local bitcoin broker, Coinfinity educates people on cryptocurrencies and also helps to integrate crypto services for businesses. Now they wanted a fresh look for their website and I helped them to redesign it.

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The online review platform Piña runs on a blockchain and thus allows to create a monetary incentive to write reviews. In this project I designed the iOS App in close collaboration with Piña's mastermind.

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DevelopX is pushing the boundaries of open source development by empowering developers, designers and business people to collaborate. I designed the landing page and the platform for DevelopX.

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Steepshot is a social platform that is running on a global decentralized database called Steem.
After usability testing I redesigned their iOS App solving several user experience issues.

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As a hub for the whole crypto marketplace, Blockspace serves to track your favourite currencies and keep an overview. I provided Blockspace with a CD and worked on the mobile application.

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